wistful, harrowing optimism

So I’ve been making the electronic portions more and more dense and heterogenous over the past few months, mostly by adding variant after variant of the sounds I began the project with. I’ve mostly done this to paper over similarities between sounds, or to obscure the source material and/or methods behind them. (And not simplyContinue reading “wistful, harrowing optimism”

neuron grains, spatial vibrations, inharmonic sine tones – and also a string quartet!

The following is a project update I published on my NewMusicUSA project page: There is so much wonderful instrument(s)+electronics repertoire in which acoustic and electronic sounds are continuously interwoven, each part of one set of musical ideas. I wanted to take a different approach in this piece, however, for the sake of representing both commentaryContinue reading “neuron grains, spatial vibrations, inharmonic sine tones – and also a string quartet!”

“Apocalypse done right”: thoughts on “Snowpiercer”

In the 2013 post-apocalyptic film Snowpiercer – based on Le Transperceneige, a French graphic novel from 1982 – a train barrels nonstop around the world, carrying the remnants of humanity through a world rendered uninhabitable by a human-caused ice age. These last people maintain order with a brutal totalitarian social structure, and both film andContinue reading ““Apocalypse done right”: thoughts on “Snowpiercer””